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The Seizure in Utah yesterday is another example of how bad the laws than ban compounds are. The police arrived in a manner that always results in a seizure of the products, but often no arrests. We store owners in Kansas and Missourri  are suing Kansas City Mo for illegal seizures where a very similar event took place. They have yet to be arrested, or have their products returned. As a result they are suing for the value of the products seized…retail.

In Utah the police did get a Search Warrant

The search warrant came after an investigation that included undercover purchases at a smoke shop and a copy business in a building at 909 E. 4500 South, VanWagoner said.

But because the law is Vague, the police officers could not make any arrests. They have a warrant, they have made undercover buys (evidence), they have the business owner (suspect), they make NO arrests….yet

Instead, investigators took the substances to a crime lab and plan to screen charges with the Salt Lake County District Attorney’s Office after receiving the results.
( this means they really don’t know what to charge the person with and will leave it to the top local law enforcement officer, the DA, to decide)

They claimed that they did not have lab tests to determine if any arrests will be made, however they also said they had made an undercover buy, certainly they tested it, and my guess is that is was negative for banned substances.

They used seizure as an investigative tool, the old your guilty until we can prove you otherwise…and we think your guilty tactic.