Smoking incense spice in a blunt

Smoking spice in a blunt

Yes and No, Herbal Incense are safe but just like any product out there that is not advised for human consumption, Herbal Incense can have it’s effects on your health if it is abused and mis-treated. Many teens and “followers of the crowd” think being an “extremist” is cool, i.e  taking big bong rips and indulging in passing blunt after blunt of the product, but in the long run guys they/you are messing  this up for everyone because Herbal Insence spice will not be legal for long if there is continuous overdosing, trips to the hospital, underage kids getting caught consuming Herbal Insence spice, ect. In all reality guys all it takes to feel the effects of Herbal Incense is one or  two hits and “Hold it in!” Also purchase reliable products, good Herbal Insence, I would go for the most popular name brands such as (Herbal Kush, Scooby Snax, XXX-Rated, Schwag Bag, etc.) and I would defenitely buy off of a well known reliable website or shop to makes sure I am getting the “real deal” offers pre tested herbal spice incense. 101 easy makes sure that the manufactures are real business and products are made from a lab or green house and not from someones garage or kitchen. When your going cheap with this kind of incense spice market and buying the knock off incense spice brands you never know what are in them, for two the potency is shitty or can be shitty and your not getting your moneys worth at all, and this is when Herbal Insence can get dangerous.  It would be a major disappointment if Herbal Incense spice took a crash and became illigal because it has awesome effects that make it feel just like illigal marijuana.

  1. Banning JWH-018 in United States

    Banning JWH-018 is a hot topic for users, sellers and law enforcers in the US. Because of its speculated health risks, they are totally pursuing its banning for good. As of today, JWH018 is still legal under the federal law of United States. However, some State officials already took legal actions of banning JWH-018 and other herbal smoke ingredients in their respective jurisdictions.

    Arguments For and Against Banning JWH-018 in United States

    To make a sound judgment, it is indeed vital to fully weigh the pros & cons of banning a substance in the country. Since this is certainly a delicate issue, careful examination of the problem is of utmost importance. Here are a few arguments on banning JWH-018 in the US. Consider both sides and learn from different points of view. Being open-minded to gain a new perspective of things is good in asserting beliefs.

    Argument #1: JWH-018 is dangerous because it creates psychotropic effects when smoked, which can threaten the health of users.

    Rebuttal #1: It may have shown some undesirable effects but nobody died from it. In addition, there are no clinical studies to support these claims. It is also most likely that other ingredients combined with it may have caused the side effect. Also, if the dangers pose by a substance would be the only reason for banning; we should also include those chemicals found at home with potentials of abuse such as pain thinners and bathroom cleaners.

    Argument #2: No recognized medical use.

    Rebuttal #2: It cannot be medically applied yet since there are no studies to prove its health benefits. In fact, one of the reasons against banning JWH-018 is it would create a massive downturn to medical science. Banning it may pose difficulty to further studies and discoveries.

    Argument #3: It is branded as ‘synthetic marijuana’. Not controlling it would be entirely wrong. Also, it is already recognized by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administrations) as a drug and chemical of concern.

    Rebuttal #3: It is labeled as synthetic marijuana because it resembles cannabis-like effects. However, even the Federal Analog Act conditions do not seem to apply to JWH-018.

    Rebuttal #3.a: Regarding the federal law, the conditions are quite ambiguous so interpretations are subject to controversy. Since there is no presence of “or” / “and,” it cannot be conclusively decided that JWH-018 must meet all the expectations to become a controlled substance.

    Argument #4: There is no restriction on sale. Anybody can purchase it even minors or the underage. Those who are in favor of banning it believe it would put a stop to the epidemic spread of JWH-018 in the market.

    Rebuttal #4: Banning JWH-018 is too harsh without further investigation. Rather, restricting it to adults over 18 is a better option.

    Rebuttal #4.a: If restricting it for minors only, the drug would just become like a beer. Underage, minors or teenagers can always ask their adult friends to buy it for them.

    Argument #6: If banned, conviction of a person due to use of JWH-018 would be difficult. Drug does not show up in drug tests.

    Rebuttal #6: They can always develop a drug test that will detect JWH-018 in some ways. Banning it will hasten the creation of one.

    Until now, debates of banning JWH-018 in United States are still on discussion. Surprisingly, plenty of people are actually entirely against banning it. Mainly due to the future effects and problems that may arise. They anticipate that banning JWH-018 will create a black market. It will just eventually go underground. Some will just turn to the Internet to purchase. Well, this is likely to be true since that is what is happening to most banned substances today. Some even say, do not ban it but rather regulate it. That may be a better idea instead.

    Anyway, whether to ban or not, the main point is people lack sufficient information and understanding about JWH-018. It might actually be thoughtless to ban a substance without clear evidence of its effects, harmful or not. And why use a substance without knowing its potential adverse effects? So, do you still think banning JWH-018 is a better solution or not? It is totally up to you. Whether you are in favor of banning it or entirely against it, remember that being responsible towards your own actions and decisions is the most significant thing to do.

  2. spice info says:

    Im not sure if banning is the best alternative, because look how that worked for spices natural cousin, people still smoke it, unlike weed those, you cant grow spice, it has to be made in a lab.

    Banning this drug because of its untested state on the other hand IS a good idea. The person before me kept saying, dont ban it because there is no studies that support why it should be banned. In the same breathe, one can say, its potentially dangerous BECAUSE there is little to no documentation and studies on how the chemicals effect humans, im just sayin, it seems like only dopeheads want to keep it because they can smoke it with out fear of prosecution. If they made weed legal, i garuntee you, the misleading spice market would crash.

  3. tracy anderson says:

    where can i find any long term health and well being studies on jwh-018 back to when it was first invented? if theres none, then maybe there should be, to dissolve the worries of my self and others. has anyone thought of that for their promotion of this product?
    if not, this issue of jwh-018 is sure to train wreck at some point in time!

  4. Me says:

    marijuana will not be legal anytime soon so i say keep the spice, the best shit around my way is called space. it blows all other brands out the water.

  5. Diego says:

    Well, America is classically conditioned to automatically assume that any said “drug” is dangerous. Due to the fact that understanding the finer and more subtle details of chemistry/science are difficult for most people and will not put in the mental effort to fully comprehend the matter at hand; they’d just rather take the easy way out and label it “usafe.” Being ignorant and hopping on the bandwagon by calling every chemical labeled as a “drug” is much easier than doing actual research!

    For example, does anyone recall the dihydrogen monoxide hoax? You see, dihydrogen monoxide is just another chemical name for water and it was released in an article that the chemical is dangerous and is found everywhere. Many people believed this and were concerned about it. This hoax demonstrated how the lack of scientific literacy and an exaggerated analysis can lead to misplaced fears.

    I believe that spice and it’s synthetic cannabinoids (btw when people start saying synthetic cannabis it just sounds assinine) are very much under the same scrutiny as water during the dihydrogen monoxide hoax. On top of that, they have never even conducted any studies proving the efficacy of their statements on the fact that JWH-018 and other synthetic cannabinoids are infact, dangerous. Their just pulling facts out of thin air and not using their brains, and people are actually buying it.

    But not to worry, there is always loopholes in the law. Remember when spice was made with HU-210 and that was outlawed? And then they came out with the JWH series? There’s just going to be another chemical analogue of an already existing cannabinoid which makes it technically legal because it’s molecular structure is different.

    So, people can be dumb and ignorant all they want. Smarter people are always going to find a way around laws imposed by people of lesser intelligence. You know, come to think of it…this eerily reminds of the alcohol prohibition…they just need legalize weed and stop being douches already! lol. We’re just going to keep playing this stupid cat and mouse game forever and it’s costing the US billiions of dollars on the war on drugs and drug rates are rising. Which would mean that the war on drugs is ineffective in it’s goals and is actually damaging our economy and inevitably creates a black market, which creates crime, which damages the economy further due to money spent on law-enforcement incarcerating criminals. This is all funded by American tax-payers. That money could be spent on: hospitals, schools, highways, research on cures for diseases, etc.

    On another note. Please stay in school kids. We need to revamp America’s infrastructure with people that possess brain-power. Not these numbskulls we have currently making the laws and all these so-called “doctors” calling all the shots. Oh, and the FDA too. They need to be tried for crimes against humanity due to all the fradulent claims they make about health products and foods that obviously benefit your health. And yet the FDA approves drugs like: oxycodone, hydrocodone, methamphetamine and morphine for medical use. Dumbasses!

    *sighs* I’m out! That’s my rant for the day!

  6. Diego says:

    Oh yeah, I just realized something…I never answered the question! Yes I believe that spice is safe. In particular, JWH-018. Actually, HU-210 is probably even safer and better for you. Because HU-210 was proven to promote neurogenesis in the hippocampus of mice (keep in mind that all mammals including humans possess identical proteins and neurons in the brain). In laymen’s terms, they grew more brain cells as a result of administered HU-210.

    Additionally, THC is an antioxidant, which dissolves plaques in the brains that cause Alzheimer’s disease.

    So, cannabinoids in general, synthetic or not actually enhance brain activity to some extent. I cannot scientifically prove my statements on JWH-018, but my ex-gf who was suffering from depression ( the spice she smoked contained JWH-018) quit taking her meds and started smoking spice. She said it made her happy and she used to be really mean and stuff but whenever she smoked spice she was just the sweetest thing ever. So, I call shenanigans on all the accusations of cannabinoids in general. They truly are miracle drugs, each variety possesses it’s own life-enhancing properties.

    I’ve been smoking weed for seven years (rarely smoke weed now) and spice for one and a half years and I can truly say that it is not harmful. Spice has enhanced my quality of life and makes me feel comfortable, relaxed and happy. I can have all the jobs I was denied while I smoked weed without failing a drug test and can reach the upper eschelons of society due to the covert elegantness of spice. It truly is safe and I call bullshit on all the supposed “OD’s” of spice and stuff. It’s all propaganda! America needs to get smart! No more 100 average IQ! We are the epicenter of business, trade and commerce! America needs to get after it! No more more dummies. Let’s get real America! Fuck the FDA! Fuck the Pharmaceutical industry! Fuck the Government! Hack the planet! lol

    Seriously, get educated, dissect what people tell you. Don’t take anyone’s word for it!

  7. Mike says:

    Great article and it’s true, we need some type of regulation on what is a true product and what is not. We actually did a report on a new company out of Chicago that really has put out a solid product and request that you guys really check it out and give some feed back. The hype was so big that the company sold out its initial stock… its been the talk of the town in Chicago. Thanks!

  8. 監視器 says:

    This Financial Advice I read on Google From your website I Found Very Helpful thanks For the Nice tips Looking Forward To Reading More From You !!

  9. Mike says:

    The best ive tried before been using this stuff since 07 they put love and care in their incense, i support this stuff and suggest everyone try it, although the price is right, they are the Starbucks and Apple of Herbal Incense…5 Stars

  10. nick says:

    is this stuff good to smoke if a girl is pregnant

    • Diego says:

      First of all, this stuff is not for human consumption. Aromatherapy only. And you should contact a physician immediately if you accidentally inhale/consume…LOL!

      But yeah, you’re pretty much not supposed to be around any kind of smoke, period! Especially if you’re a pregnant girl! And yes it would be bad for the baby. I never understood that anyways! It’s like whenever some chick gets pregnant she’s all like “Hey! It’s time to do even more drugs/alcohol and screw up my kid’s development!”

      For Christ’s sake, be sober until your baby is born. If not, then have fun going through a lifetime of difficulties, hardship and resentment in the fact that you and your wife cheated your son/daughter out of a healthy lifestyle.

  11. JB says:

    I’ve always bought my incense from burned it in an incense burner, and have NEVER had a problem! Not sure what all the hoopla is about…

  12. scooby rocks says:

    Scooby Doo is not too shabby its actually well Scoobiie doobie doo!!! ALl I can say is scooby snax you rock. Keep up the good work.

  13. Brandy says:

    I hate this stuff, my husband began smoking this as an alternative to his alcoholism. NOW, he is obsessed with it! This stuff is mood altering and has cause violent outburst when he is coming off his high. This stuff is destroying my marriage and family. My kids are seeing their father passed out in chairs, on floors, all the time and can’t understand why he is so moody. I am having to lie to them about their father and what he is doing, not to mention the smell of smoke in my home is nasty. This stuff is very dangerous and is starting to have some very bad side effects on my husband, he is constantly sick with pneumonia, bronchitis, and chest colds…….I can’t take this any more and neither can our kids. My husband say’s he does not have a problem, but from the time he comes home the the time he leaves the next day, he is mess! I am writing a petition and sending it to the legislator and I will find a way to have this band. All you people out there smoking it up and thinking it’s cool, just remember….this stuff is new and no one knows what long term damage there is to come. I HATE THIS STUFF, I WANT MY HUSBAND BACK!

    • 101easy says:

      Everything in this world is bad if over exceeding limits. Moderation is the key in life. Hang out with your man, wake him up and remind him why he wanted a family and why he married you. People who drink, do drugs, smoke, etc. feel that they are missing something in life and or not satisfied. When this stuff is banned, I’m sure you man will find something else to substitute for it. Start using the word, “user error” or “drugs are not the problem, addicts are the problems”. Please be safe America.

      • sonny says:

        lol everyone has some form of addiction that keeps us from going insane in this world we live in.It Is certainly not just drug addicts,your addiction is obviously “love”.There is very few people who live life in moderation.The big addiction going around at the moment is “eating”.It goes a little something like this…Lovebirds need love,,drug addicts need there fix ,,and couch potatos need a T.V set. Not to mention for all the people who chose not to live life sober enjoy life more,as using substances like marijuana before you make love will enhance your love making sessions…

    • matt says:

      well your husband already has addictive qualities concidering he was an alcoholic, and now he’s just trying to find a substitute with which he can get the same effects as his “drug of choice” so just because one person has taken smoking this stuff to an extreme and acting like a dick doesn’t mean that everyone has the same end result. i use to smoke pot and even went to rehab for it and i learned some shit while i was there and you know what yeah this spice does have similar effects but just like pot isn’t addictive and i could say i’m done with it whenever i want… so give your husband an ultimatium either clean up his act or get the fuck out…. thats all i gotta say about that.

    • littled says:

      every thing in life is not good in exess even milk if you drink to much a person needs to keep their givadam in check inevery thing you do same thing as knowing when to say when and keep your goals in front and your mistakes close behind so not to forget

    • John says:

      I feel bad for what you are going through, but there is a reason he is high all the time. What is stressing him out? Is he being bitched at all the time? Is the bills too high for him to pay? There is a reason for it. What band do you want? I am in a band. Or did you mean banned? And passing out on this stuff, I don’t think so, maybe he is hiding his alcohol somewhere. This stuff, when used moderately, and properly, is actually very therapeutic. I wish the best for your family, but you need to find the core of the problem, and it is not the substance that is the problem. As cold as it sounds, it is true.

  14. Incense is an aromatic substance. It releases fragrant smoke when burned and used for religious purpose. But sometime herbal incense effects on us. But it affect when we use the unhealthy blend. If we used branded and not much stronger blends then it doesn’t effect to our health.

  15. However, when you shop online for these herbal incense products, you should make sure that the online wholesaler is reliable and provides authentic herbal incense products. Due to the immense popularity of many of the brands of Spice herbal incense blends, many individuals have come up with fake products to cash in on the demand. Make sure that your online wholesaler is renowned and well established in his business and deals in genuine brands.

  16. Herbal Incense Spice blends are one of the premium quality herbal incense products available in the market today. The Spice products line, marketed as herbal or aromatic incense, has been available since 2004 in Europe, and is one of the leading herbal spice incense companies in the United States today.

  17. GHL says:

    I have a serious comment to make and I would greatly appreciate any constructive and honest response from anyone here. I smoked herbal incense for the first time three days ago (called “lust”) and had a bad trip — and I’m sure doing it while drunk didn’t help the situation. I want to make it clear that I only had ONE hit and since then, I have had swings of depression and anxiety; these symptoms seem to come randomly. I’ve heard many people complain about the same thing, only to be called “pussies” and i hope this is not another case. I guess I’m wondering if anyone knows how long these symptoms may last, it it’s permanent, and what I can try to do to fix it. I hope people still check and respond to these blogs. Thanks for anyone whose listening and has time to respond.

  18. Herbal Smoke says:

    JWH-013 was show to reverse the effects of alzheimer’s.

  19. John says:

    Where do you find the ingredients for the blends?

  20. Not advised for human consumption but that doesn’t keep consumers from doing as they wish. I can say there are many aromatherapy benefits to herbal incense.

  21. Ryan W says:

    like dude said, and i say it all the time too, 1 or 2 puffs, that is it… but his article explains everything perfectly

  22. panda kill 420 says:

    ya never go cheap when getting your products. Spend the $1 or $2 more and not end up in the hospital. its just not worth it.

  23. don says:

    ive been smoking herbal insense for a year with no side affects,but the other day a freind had some pow and took one hit and i passed out for five minutes and stayed messed up for three hours,dont know what was in that shit,im 51 yrs old smoked pot since i was twelve graduated high school became a supervisor of the company i work for at 25 and they started drug testing so had to find ways to beat them for years till nola diamond came out but they made that illegal the goverment and liberal assholes need to stay out of our business when were not hurting anyone

    • 101easy says:

      the products at are still legal in all states. give us a call and we can talk about how you can still get the best products on the market

  24. James A. Lopez says:

    Hey, baby, I want to give you a hug, this makes everything clearer an has actually more knowledgeable about this product, knowledge truly is power.

  25. jade says:

    I didnt find 101easy products to be equal to other band. I smoked a joint and a bowl of sunk and felt no effect

  26. click here says:

    What happened to the DEA only having 18 months to look into jwh018?

    SUCH BS!

  27. the kid frankie says:

    i tell you what, i been smoking matrix and green goddess. stuff is great man, i’ve tripped a few times but i was mellow and feeling good. thats why i love it. even if bud becomes legal i still can’t smoke it. so i say toke up and enjoy. i like to put a few hits in a cigarette take out a bit of the tabacco and replace it with some red matrix and i’m good for 30 mins

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